Indie Zone


Caustic Abyss

Sam Gould – Lead Programmer
Sam Chung – Lead Artist
Jordan Peloquin – Lead Writer/Audio Artist
Kyler Kubo – Manager
Andrew Son – Assistant Programmer

Led by a strange voice, a diver plunges into the Ocean, seeking revenge against the sea creatures that wronged him.




Six Faced Studios

CJ Legato, Axel Stewart, David Pierce

3D frogger-esq action/puzzle game where the player navigates on all sides of the levels.



Doggo Unleashed!

Bork Bork Studios

Camron McCormack – Lead Programmer

Amanda Howanice – Music, SFX, and Dialogue

Brittany Wendzel – Lead Artist

Doggo Unleashed! is a 3D, third-person singleplayer exploration game where players play as a corgi named Doggo in a series of neighborhood backyards. Players can eat food, play with toys, chase birds and squirrels, help the neighborhood dogs with their problems, and – most importantly – protect the neighborhood from mischievous raccoons.

Don’t Look Down

Catapult Games

Chris Caulfield: Game Director, Designer/Programmer
Dane Jennings: Producer, Designer
Kolel Pryor: Art Director, Programmer
Gabe Langlois: Programmer, Juice Meister

Don’t Look Down combines the immersive motion of VR climbing with engaging level design inspired by classic platformers.

Smash and shoot robots, fling past hazards, and dash through hidden rooms. Can you save the world from the robot that you created?

Achieve glory by flinging your way to the top times on the online leaderboards or climb more deliberately to find hidden secrets.
Race against the ghost of your best time or the fastest players in the world!

Dispatch patrolling bots that shoot at you, pulse electricity, and ram you with spikes!
Timing challenges keep you on your toes as you ride drones and swinging ropes, race against rising lava, and explore 4 distinct zones.

Snag power-ups that let you tank damage, shoot balls of fire, and even fly!
Acquire S.C.R.A.P to customize your character or unlock mods to change up your gameplay!

Defeat Gearheart to save the world!

IO Interloper


Ben Caulkins, Janice Ho, Dorian Licata, Perrin Mercer, Sam Suite, Fuller Taylor

IO Interloper is a desktop-based corporate espionage hacking game. Your goal is to infiltrate an array of locations and steal valuable company secrets — all from behind a computer terminal thousands of miles away. Fly drones, peer through security cameras, invade secure databases, and log out without a trace. Your clients are depending on you.



Tunacat Studio

Producer/Lead Designer – Fanghong Dong
Lead Programmer – Kirsten Pilla
Programmer/Enemy Designer – Hongyang Lin
Programmer – Beiqi Zou
Lead Artist – Adrianna Oropello
Environmental Artist – Chujia Yuan
Music Composer – Yihui Liu
UI Designer/Sound Designer – Yueqing Dai

Mastery is a 2D platform game made by Tunacat Studio. The game world combines fantasy components of Taoism and the customs of ancient China. The game tells a story of self-discovery as the main character, Yan Ching, masters the five Chi elements during his sacred pilgrimage of mountainous ascension.


Open Spaces


Mohua Chakraborti – Game Creator and Writer
Muse en Lystrala – Queenship Executive Director and Composer
Tess Wainwright – Narrative Designer
Frederika Edgington-Giordano – Programmer
Christina Plummer – Graphic Artist and Illustrator

Open Spaces is a visual novel about agoraphobia and anxiety.



Little Red Dog Games

Ryan Hewer, Project Director, Programmer
Krystal Hewer, Creative Director, Digital Artist
Denis Comtesse, Associate Programmer
Meghan Catling, Associate Artist

Precipice is a minimalist one or two-player game where one of the core mechanics involves keeping your rival from “flipping the table” if they are placed in an unrecoverable losing position.

Taking inspiration from Chris Crawford’s 1985 classic Balance of Power, and other Cold War themed games including Twilight Struggle, Precipice is a tense stand-off where aggressive gameplay can always be challenged by your rival, leading to potentially tense standoffs where either party can escalate the consequences of backing down. If things get too volatile, a player can send both nations hurtling towards nuclear war, resulting in a potential loss for both parties (and the planet).

Players, therefore, must engage in careful quid-pro-quo diplomacy, clandestine behavior, misdirection and, at times, bluster and saber-rattling to accomplish their objectives. The nations of the world are pawns in “the great game”, and are each represented as playful, low-poly characterizations of foreign leaders re-imagined as animals appropriate to their region.

Precipice has several AI personalities to choose from in single-player, but really shines in online play where friends and rivals can anticipate and counter each other’s strategies while appealing for prestige in the courtroom of public opinion.

Humanity spent half a century on the precipice of global nuclear annihilation. That anxious uncertainty is manifested in every action in our latest strategy game. Will your support of communist rebels go unnoticed? Will your intelligence-backed installation of a favorable dictator succeed? And above all else, in your struggle for supremacy, can you keep the world from falling into the abyss of nuclear hellfire?


Rival Fury

6 axis 3D urban brawler


Voxel Fight

Greg Lyons

Enter the arena and slap other voxellites around while trying to get the ball and score! This comedy arena brawler challenges players to be mindful and fast: power ups abound, walls can be climbed, and others are always looking to knock you around!