Student Games


Beat ‘Em

Quinnipiac University

<Designer & Artist – Shawn Urban>

<Programmer & Composer – Leo Melendez>

Beat ‘Em is a twin-stick multiplayer shooter in which players fight each other to get points!
But, there is a catch: you can only move to the beat of the music!



New York University

Artist – Dannan Wen
Artist – Jin Wu
Programmer Designer – Tammy Ma
Programmer – Suyi Diao

Birfia is a Local Multiplayer Fighting Game for 2 – 6 players, who will be divided into teams and fight each other with punch, water guns, and other special weapons!


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Programmers: Simon Hopkins, Fan Bu
3D artists: Noah Akinloba, Gabriel Gray

Character artist: Jenny Bourke
Writer: Amy Schumacher

To solve a mystery, you have to delve deeper into your own mind, until you can make a breakthrough.

Caustic Abyss

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Jordan Peloquin
Sam Gould
Sam Chung
Kyler Kubo
Andy Son

Caustic Abyss is a 2-D boss rush game about a diver seeking retribution for what the sea creatures of their world took from them.



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Sol Toder: Lead Programmer, Axel Stewart: Secondary Programmer/Audio

Multiplayer web game a la .io based on text boxes.

Crazy Plates

Rochester Institute of Technology

Aidan Markham
Technical Artist & Designer

Noah Ratcliff
Lead Programmer & Designer

Sam Cammarata

Rowan Waring
Music, Freelancer

Darrin Loeliger
Web & Visual Design Consulting, Freelancer

Race through the streets of Rochester to deliver as many plates as you can before time runs out!



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Artist – Claire Zhu
Programmer – Dylan Law

Ego is an explorative, narrative adventure that encourages the players to confront the traumatic experiences in the protagonist’s past that still dwells in him as an adult. Kids who went through semi or full-on traumatic experiences seem to be more mature than the others, but it doesn’t mean that they’ve found their breakthrough point and have moved on. The conscious. The subconscious. The raw sensory. (Id, Ego, Super-ego, one may say)Triggers such as words, sounds, and motions knock you back and forth between those three mental realms and bring back those memories that you thought were long forgotten…


Fallen Angel

Drexel University

Matrioshka Games

Fallen Angel is a hack and slash RPG in which you take the role of Lucifer and explore a twisted version of heaven. Find and defeat the Archangels who banished you from the realm of the divine.


Gaze of the Abyss

Champlain College

John (Alex) Stopen: Producer
Michael-Paul Ho-Kang-You: Producer
Andrew Chepega: Designer
Andrew MacDonald: Designer
Claire Yeash: Designers
Alex Hubble: Programmer
Austin Laimos: Programmer
Niklaus Bair: Programmer
Grace Magnant: Artist
Sam Arehart: Artist

Gaze of the Abyss is a cooperative, puzzle horror game. The main feature of the game is the split perspective mechanic where the drone certain aspects such as perspective and aiming while the diver manipulates objects and shoots the flares. The puzzles are designed with this mechanic in mind and perspective must be used in different ways in order to solve them. The game also aims to create an oppressive atmosphere through the environment and sound. The unsettling appearance of the enemies compliments the tone of the game. The game is meant to be slow, methodical, and immersive.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Programmers: Lorelei, Sophie, Ruofu
Environmental Artist: George
Character Artist: Sam
Writer/UI Artist: Troy

GIGA is a Mecha brawler that combines the fast-paced action of real time fighting with the strategy of a turn-based game. Through a unique mechanic of pausing time, players can plan a combo of actions to perform as soon as time resumes. They will face a number of exciting and diverse foes as they attempt to climb through the ranks to come out on top and prove their worthiness in head-to-head mech combat.

Grave Shadows

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Grant Doney – Artist
Jordan Faas-Bush – Programmer
Simon Hopkins – Programmer
Eric Franco – Programmer and Sound Designer
Zack Schwartz – Narrative Designer
Amy Schumacher – Narrative Designer

Grave Shadows is a third person mystery adventure game. You play as Colton Graves, a former cop turned detective caught up in a game of cat and mouse with the corrupt crime syndicate, The Family.

With only his wits, sharp eyes, and shadow powers, Graves must bring the crime syndicate to justice, or die trying. Built in Unity by a team of 6.

Hostile User Interface

Rochester Institute of Technology

Everything – Lutem
Inspiration – Ian Schreiber

Your basic get through the maze game with a twist, your controls have been designed in a way to trip you up by triggering different Windows Hotkeys such as Alt + F4 or Ctrl Alt Del.


UConn Storrs

Designer, Programmer, Developer – Josh Hirshfield

Artist – Sam Berkowitz

Composer – Austin Cappetta

Infinifort is a top-down roguelike shooter with a strong focus on map design and enemy design



Rochester Institute of Technology

Game Producer – Satch Puri
Programmer – Anushka Nair
Programmer – Nitish Victor
Programmer – Jishnu Girish
Level Designer – Varun Bajaj
Level Designer – Erin McAnany
Artist – Aiden Melendez

You fall into a sinkhole and wake up surrounded by darkness.
Find a way out of this mysterious chasm by solving environmental puzzles using whatever light sources you can find but, beware! There are monsters that dwell in the dark that are attracted to light…




New York University

Design, 3D Modeling, Animation, Programming and Sound Desgin-Dong Zhou
Design,3D Modeling, UV Mapping, Textruring and Illustration-Yijia Chen

Moncage is an adventure puzzle game, where the player will explore a secluded island and an abandoned factory trapped in a mysterious cubic device. Each face of this cubic device will display a different scene. The player will navigate through the island and the factory by finding the connections among the scenes.


My Pet Rock

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Nick Smith & Ehren Schindelar: Programming

Rachel E. Mailhot: Writing

Jennifer Bourke: Art

A child explores a puzzle-ridden dungeon with nothing but his wits and a rock at his side.


Mystery Medium

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Annie Pa – Hardware engineer/Programmer
Lorelei Wright – Programmer
Alex Fig – Writer/Marketing
Sera Bruton – 2D/3D Artist
Rachel Grigg – 3D Artist

Mystery Medium is an exploration of the application of VR in a board game experience. Players are given distinctive roles, one in the spirit realm (VR Space) and the others in real world. Together, they must communicate to solve abandoned cold case files by pinning items on a custom built evidence board to manipulate the spirit realm. Only by solving the mystery can they put the spirit to rest.



Champlain College

Charlie Grabber, Producer, Product Owner
David Carlos, Producer, Marketing Lead
Devon Roberge, Lead Narrative / Level Designer, Systems Designer
David Carey, Lead Systems Designer
Rose Gruner, UI/UX Designer, VFX Artist
Jae Ettinger, Audio FX Designer
Zoe Hammonds, Lead Artist / Animator
RJ Bourdelais, Lead Programmer
Tommy Mann, Programmer

3D platforming game with a focus on narrative



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Artist & Writer: Gabriel
Programmer: Laura Mastracchio
Programmer: Austin Jacobs
Artist and Animator: Jonathan Stansfield
Artist and Level Designer: Reagan Light

A stealth puzzle game to find evidence in a military base.


Run | Hide | Fight

Quinnipiac University

Alex Weitzner – Team Lead, Programmer, User Interface, Scrum Master
Jarrod Osofs – Programmer
Clay Stewart – Artist

Run, Hide, Fight is a simulation designed to teach students and faculty how to react in active shooter situations on college campuses. Giving learners an opportunity to think through scenarios in advance should help them be better prepared for active shooter situations. Enabling learners to successfully “play” through various scenarios in diverse campus settings provides guidance as to how to handle situations when a shooter is nearby as well as when a shooter is at a distance. Navigating those scenarios is intended to teach learners how to make rapid assessments and crucial decisions that will affect their and others’ survival. This simulation should provide professors, students and other campus personnel with the information they need to reduce the risk of panic and bad decision-making in crisis situations.



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Yinjie Wu
Yizhe Wu
Lizhou Cai
Jiayao Zhu

Single player first perspective psychological horror (Dark) & puzzle solving (Suspense) game for PC. The player acts as a psychiatrist fighting with mental illnesses.


Simple Sandwich

Champlain College

Lead Producer – Austin Roorda
Producer – Brian Harney
Lead / Level Designer – Emmett Fredrichs
Audio Designer / Systems Designer – Karl Lewis
Lead / Environment Artist – Riley Morrissey
Prop / UI Artist – Adam Streeter
Texture Artist – Kaylee Sharp
Lead / Gameplay Programmer – Josh Grazda
AI Programmer – Cameron Belcher
Design Freelancer – Genevieve Guimond
Animation Freelancer – Joe Apicella

Simple Sandwich is a fast paces, couch competitive game where four players battle it out to become the best sandwich possible! Run around as a slice of bread, jumping on ingredients to collect them! When you’ve got a big enough sandwich, grab another slice of bread to top yourself off and head to the plate to earn points. Creating unique and zany recipes will net you more points, and the player with the most points at the end of 60 seconds wins!



Quinnipiac University

Alex Hartman – Programer, Creative Director
Katie Rosell – Lead Artist, Concept Designer, Scrum Master
Alex Weitzner – Team lead, Programmer + UI, Version control
Luke Seaboch – Audio, Run Playtests, Promotional items(videos, etc.)

Siphon is an over the top, coop, competitive space based resource management, capture the flagesk, twin-stick shooter. The goal of the game is to defeat your enemies, slay enemy pirates and steal fuel from your enemies to make sure you (and your team) makes it out alive. The main mechanic of the game is fuel management. The “Economy” of the game is revolved entirely around fuel, everything you do is based around said resource.

Fuel drains quickly or slowly depending on your play style. From shooting, to stealing to respawning, everything you do has a price. Do you sneakily make your way to your opponents base, dodging asteroids and space pirates? Or do you go guns blazing, pushing aggressively to secure your victory?


Skate & Date

New York University

Geneva Heyward – Designer, Programmer, Musician, Artist and Writer

Skate & Date is a roller derby rhythm ga(y)me where you play as Maggie, the lead jammer of the Rockin Rollergirls!
She has a bit of a crush on Patricia – one of the opponents on the rival team.
Your objective: to impress her with your sick roller derby skills!


Snake Eyes

University of Connecticut

Developer – Devin P. Quinn

A time-based topdown shooter where you can slow down the action to line up your shots and turn into a invulnerable particle form to scout the next room. Blast, die, and repeat, until you’ve mastered the level and can eliminate all enemies before time runs out! (Psst – keep an eye out for helpful ducks)


Snowball Showdown

Champlain College

Max Blake: Producer
Chris McCammon: Producer
Aiden O’Connor: Designer/Audio
Joseph Siehl: Designer
Wesley Weitzman: Designer/Product Owner
Zachary Phillips: Designer
Makayla Montes: Artist
Kelly Herstine: Programmer
Matthew Aquino: Programmer
Nathaniel Walker: Programmer

Snowball Showdown is the most intense, over-the-top snowball fight that players will ever experience. It is a VR game that emphasizes the playful nature of a snowball fight and mimics it in the virtual space, but it adds a new twist. All those rules stopping you from putting rocks and ice in your snowball? Gone. Anything is fair game, and we make sure you have the tools to do that.


Sons of Ra

Drexel University

The Entrepreneurial Game Studio staff at Drexel

Sons of Ra is a two-player competitive tower defense / real-time strategy hybrid set in ancient Egypt. Players send units to attack their opponent while building defenses to protect themselves. Fight grand battles and conquer Egypt as the one true pharaoh.

Sons of Ra


Spell Thief

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Leo Price- Artist
Sam Gould – Project Manager, AI Programmer, Level Programmer
Qitong Wang- UI Programmer, Player Programmer, Boss Designer
Kirsten Pilla- Technical Artist, Spell Programmer, Particles
Jamie Laks- Writer, Quest Designer

Playing as a wizard that can’t cast spells but can steal them from others, take spells from others, cause chaos, and steal everything that isn’t nailed down. Explore the rich cultures of the world and uncover a plot by the queen to take over the various regions.


Stereo Shift

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Sound Design / Level Design / Programming: Jon Castro
Lead Artist / Writing / Programming: Alex Sidgwick
Lead Programmer: Eric Partridge

Stereo Shift is a futuristic, competitive, team based racing game. Using your character unique abilities, work with your teammate to out perform the other team. Race to the beat while the high speed dance music interacts with the environment causing hazards, speed boosts, and more!


Still on the Water

Drexel University

Design Team:
Erin Truesdell* – 3D Artist/Head of PR/Executive Director

Sydney Oswald* – 3D Artist/Sound Designer/Creative Director

Christina Lucas* – 3D and Environment Artist

Jimmy Swanick – Programmer

Paul Flack* – Programmer

* denotes EGS lab membership

Everyone comes to the river for a different reason, and no one leaves without being changed.

STILL ON THE WATER is an immersive meditative experience developed for virtual reality. Players take on the first-person role of a lone kayaker, navigating a surreal and hallowed space. They are able to discover artifacts left behind by previous travelers and piece together their stories, guided by a curious cave spirit who poses interesting questions.

STILL ON THE WATER is a game about humanity: about our material trappings that reflect something much greater than themselves, about our individual shards of the human experience, and about the fascinating and emotional weight carried in the mundane.



String Theory

Champlain College

Producer-Brett Schwartz
Producer-Bryan Richardson
Designer-Timothy Carbone
Designer-Lauren Ritze
Artist-Michelle Lee
Artist-Oliver Patric
Programmer-Andrew Rimpici
Programmer-James Smith

String Theory is a VR action-adventure game where the player explores a secret underground city using a yo-yo to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Matthew Carlson – Gameplay/Controls Programmer & Hardware Designer
Cole Carpenter – Gameplay/Environment Programmer
Connor Griffin – Level Designer
Maria Salmon – Controller Designer & Project Manager
Jose Sanez – 3D Animator/Artist

Symbionic, a cooperative multi-player exploration game, takes a gander at the experimental. With a core value of encouraging collaboration between two players, Symbionic was created with the idea of merging digital & analog play, removing time constraints, and playing – dually – as a cyborg mouse.

Through Symbionic, players encounter a digital world riddled with puzzles, discoverable abilities, and various landscapes – and through the analog, players experiment with their linked inputs, cooperative action(s), and a (usually) non-stressful learning experience!


The Gristmill

Rochester Institute of Technology

\Robert Bailey – Designer
Ashwin Ganapathiraju – Database and Gameplay Programmer
Tetyana Kolomiyets – Environment and Card Artist
Sam Levey – AI Programmer
Jason Rose – Card Artist
Trevor Walden – Graphics and Gameplay Programmer
Jingyu Chao – UI Design
Herman McElveen – Menus and Animations
Porter Withers – Audio

The Gristmill is a tactical strategy fantasy card game with light roguelike and deckbuilding elements. Fight monsters and upgrade your deck as you venture deeper into an unknown forest.


The Instructions

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Claire Thomas

The Instructions is a story-based adventure game that tells the story of a young protagonist traveling into a magical realm to rescue their young sister. The player will use typed text commands in order to control their character in the 3D environment, fusing a text-based adventure game with 3D visuals.


The Offering

New York University

<Lead Writer – Spencer Bernstein>
<Lead Sound Designer – Christian Weinschenk>
<Lead Programmer – Rowan Q>
<Lead Artist – Ajali Harrison>
<Lead UI/UX Artist – McKenna Flanagan>
<Lead Puzzle Designer – Parker Crandell>


Top Dog

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Artist/Writer-Julia Krawiec
Writer/Website Designer- Chloe Fisher
Writer-Jack McDaid
Writer-Gale Pollard

It is that time of year again. The time to select the Top Dog, the fearless leader of Doggos across the Earth. You are the candidates, the Doggos of the Senate, each selected to represent their pack in the running for Top Dog. You must each show your worthiness in a series of debates against your opponents and demonstrate your alpha understanding of Doggo-kind in order to gain the impressive status of Top Dog.


Viral Load

Quinnipiac University

<Programmer, Artist – Julianna Shevchenko>

<Researcher, Level Designer – Jorgyo Mendez>

An educational game designed to teach people about viruses and how they infect the body.



Champlain College

Rob Price – Design
Maya Armas – Design
Joe Apicella – Design & Art
Sage Burns – Design & Production
Celina Tong – Art
Karim Elzanaty – Programming
Vedant Chaudhari – Programming
Austin Vine – Production
Rowan Minney – Sound Design

Wanderlust is a semi-open world exploration game in which the player controls a small potion maker collecting ingredients in a beautiful and untamed landscape. With the potions the player creates they will be able to alter the environment and explore further into the world around them.


Welcome to the Great Souhait Union

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Huang Zou – Programmer
Yueqing Dai – UI Designer, Level Designer, Sound Designer, Music Composer
Fanghong Dong – Producer, Narrative Designer, Texture Artist
Ze Tan – 3D Modeler, 2D Artist

Welcome to the Great Souhait Union is a first person 3D magic puzzle video game developed by Penguin Games. In You Are Welcome, the player controls a mage named Adam to pass Ability Test consisting of a series of puzzles with his wand, which can absorb and release heat from/to different objects, in order to enter the Great Souhait Union, a magical community centering on loyalty, peace, sincerity and love. It is promised by his test guider, Eve, that, by passing this test, Adam will be aware of the basic principles of Great Souhait Union as well as necessary magic skills — however, during the process, Adam gradually notices something unusual about this test, about Eve, and even about himself…